Get the Most out of Your Rowing Machine Workout

Rowing machines can be an integral component of getting an effective workout at home with the capacity to help burn almost 300 calories in just half an hour for an average-size person. Of course, as is the case with most gym equipment, using this type of machine isn't as simple as hopping on the machine and getting the ball rolling. Once you learn how to use a rowing machine, you're all set for core strengthening and blasting away fat at an amazing rate, but it's important to understand a few details beforehand.

Get Your Bearings

Coordination is king when it comes to operating a rowing machine without succumbing to debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, this particular element can't be taught. It can, however, be developed with practice and dedication. As the home workout experts at HomeGymSumo point out, the process begins with getting the machine acclimated to your arm and leg length as well as personal strength level.

Starting off

Set the resistance low in the beginning. Get your feet strapped securely to the foot pads, and bring up your knees until you're able to reach the handle. Pull the handles back as you slide to the end of the rowing machine until knees are almost straight but not locked completely. From there, lean back a bit and position the handle slightly below the middle of your chest. This position is where a rowing machine workout should begin and end.

Branching out

A number of workouts can be performed on the rowing machine, each offering its own selection of benefits. They're all done using different techniques and geared toward various muscles. Using proper form while gradually boosting resistance and repetition is the key to getting the most out of every workout. Further details and instruction on all these aspects are available through

Making it Work

In some cases, verbal instruction leaves a lot to be desired; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and video can potentially be worth a million. Workout charts and video tutorials go a long way toward helping understand the various techniques involved in rowing machine workouts and making each session truly work for you, and they're readily available online.

Having said all that, a wide range of rowing machines are available for home use. Different brands and versions offer various features and amenities, and price ranges vary greatly. Take advantage of a thorough rowing machine buyer guide to learn more about which features are necessities and which are luxuries because these affect not only price, but overall workout effectiveness.


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